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Gold remains an outstanding opportunity for investments offering safety and value
fpr individual and institutional investors.  The long-term global fundamentals are
intact for the future demand for Gold to continue to surpass the supply of gold
which provides a solid basis for investment. Investment-grade Gold and precious
metals must be included in your investment portfolio

Ten Reasons Why You Need to Own Gold

1.        Gold has kept pace with inflation for the past 100 years.
2.        Uncertain and low yielding stock market
3.        Growing national debt
4.        Increasing oil and gas prices
5.        Protection against inflation and deflation
6.        Decreased international value of the dollar
7.        Increase in competitive international markets
8.        Numerous crisis globally
9.        Portfolio insurance
10.      Limited supply of U.S. Gold coins

You may also buy Gold for your self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
and/or 401k retirement plans.  Physical gold ownership is the missing link in
most portfolios today and offers the ultimate hedge against inflation

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GOLD: A Safe Haven Investment